Tuesday , June 2 2020

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Eco Friendly Handbags Bagslounge

Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Handbag Makers

Sustainable fashion is here to stay and all who care are quick to make the shift. BagsLounge heartily supports eco-friendly alternatives and here is a round-up of some cool brands making stunning bags that could give fast fashion a run for its money. Just proves there is no dearth of alternatives ...

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The January Leathers

Discover: Affordable Leather Bags From The January Leathers

Ever since I got active on Instagram, the number of posts on the blog is dwindling and though I do not quite like it, owing to the constricted bandwidth I have, that was the only option. But once in a while I come across brands that are so promising, that ...

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Morpankh Bags

Fashionable Handbags By Morpankh Give A Huge Bang For Your Buck

This is officially my first post this year! Well, being caught up with three kids and day job does that to you, but what’s to complain when the debut post of the year covers this store called Morpankh and their range of snazzy, affordable bags! Morpankh has bags in a wide array ...

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Hideign Maasai Collection

Hidesign’s Maasai Collection Is Inspired By Rich African Tribal Heritage

Africa is the ultimate destination for adventure and wildlife lovers. Its vast lands are dotted with not only flora and fauna but also picturesque landscapes and aboriginal tribals. Every speck of this land offers liberal doses of inspiration. No wonder then that Hidesign’s latest collection is influenced by the Maasai ...

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Tohl Leather Bags

Luxury Brand töhl Gives A Millenial Spin To Exquisite Leather Handbags

Leather as a material is quite versatile; it’s like a clean slate where creative minds download their ideas and infuse life into them. It’s what explains the great number of brands out there in the market. But leather being a luxurious material, requires in-depth expertise in handling it, a discerning ...

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Sling Bag TheBagTalk

This Classic AHR Sling Bag from TheBagTalk is Classy & Chic

Recently, I laid my hands on this beige beauty from the Anita Hassanandani Reddy (AHR) signature collection at TheBagTalk. I’m usually a camera shy person but with such good bags by my side, I’m emboldened to face the lens! 🙂 What follows is a detailed review of this bag…read on! ...

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Kids Bags

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Bag For Your Kids

Back when we were little kids, most of us had one bag – The School Bag! Replacement was an annual affair and Back to School was exciting because we all got to flaunt our shiny new bags. Our kids though, have a few more bags then the school ones! Most will have ...

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