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Leather Bag Care

10 Tips To Care For Your Leather Bags

You spend a lot of time in selecting good leather bags for yourself but when it comes to taking care of them, how much time do you devote? Maintaining your leather bags is vital if you want to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Here are ten tips for keeping them looking new for a good time to come:

1) Use an oil-based coating

The inner shopping beast within you wants to start using the new bag as soon as it’s bought. But wait! Before you start using it, apply an oil-based coating on it. That won’t just stop any stains or ink from sinking into your bag but will also give a beautiful glossy look to it.

2) Keep it stuffed with paper

When you are not using your bag, keep it filled with paper. Butter paper is better than newspaper. This helps in retaining your bag’s shape and preventing it from forming any harsh lines on it. Also, open it and air it once a week to avoid the formation of fungus.

Leather Bag Care
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3) Don’t speed dry it

There are many times when your leather bag gets wet in rain. Instead of drying it using a blow dryer, wipe it gently and let it dry at room temperature. This will ensure that there are no crinkles formed on it.

4) Weatherproof your bag

There are products available in the market like spray protectants and beeswax creams, which protect against water. Use them and gift your bags the gift of a longer life. You can buy some for a lesser price using Ebay India coupons.

5) Wipe off the dirt

Your bag goes through a lot every day, if not as much as your skin. Wiping it every alternate day softly with a clean cloth will remove the tiny dust particles on it and will go a long way in preserving it.

6) Condition it

Conditioning your bag every month will help you from getting it look wrinkly. Take a spoonful of conditioner on a dry cloth and rub it gently over your bag. Leave it for fifteen minutes and wipe off the excess. Let it dry completely, on its own. You can also use olive oil in moderation to clean your bag. Buy one for a discounted price using these Jabong coupons.

7) Rotate every month

Excess in everything is bad. And, so is the case here. If you carry your leather bag with you everywhere and every day, its condition is bound to get damaged. Rotate it every month and give it a break.

8) No soaps

Do not use soap on your leather bag, be it any case or emergency. The soap will spoil the natural finish of your bag and also might leave a stain on it. If your bag is stained, sprinkle some baby powder or cornstarch on it.

9) Do not overstuff it

Overstuffing your leather bag will only result in losing out on its shape and creation of lines on the fabric. Remember that it is a bag and not a suitcase. Carry only the essentials with you.

10) Wipe off the dirt

Your bag goes through a lot every day, if not as much as your skin. Wiping it every alternate day softly with a clean cloth will remove the tiny dust particles on it and will go a long way in
preserving it.

Remember that your bags are only as good as you take care of them properly. Follow these tips religiously to reduce their aging process and you are good to go!

Editor’s Note: The above is a guest post by For more details on taking care of your leather, you can also refer to our earlier post: Comprehensive Guide to Leather Care.

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