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Limeroad Backpacks

18 Must-Own Backpacks At Limeroad In Spectacular Colors

Limeroad is officially my latest go-to website for all my fashion purchases, followed very closely by Jabong. Their scrapbook feature is truly a game-changer – thousands of users create millions of looks from products available at the site. Now, this has a few immediate tangible outcomes:

  • You have an idea instantly about the various combinations to go with a particular item you are interested in. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are not apparent and such a lookbook can answer most of your fashion dilemmas.
  • A product you hitherto dismissed off, could emerge as your favorite due to the way it has been paired with other elements. The right (or wrong) mix-and-match can make (or break) a look. Simply put, the different looks help you see the same garment in several new and fresh ways, which might not have occurred to you before.
  • You get to showcase your very own creative side by creating looks from the hundreds of available templates. If you find the predefined templates too limiting for you, start from scratch with the blank templates and let your imagination soar!
  • You actually discover amazing stuff which you probably would never come across on your own; the site has thousands of products in each category, you see!

It is exactly at the Scrapbook that I can spend hours together. I literally get sucked into it and experience an adrenaline rush as I churn out look after look using products that I would personally love to buy. Hence, it also serves as a wish list that I keep referring back to for items I would like to order. It is during such style expeditions that I have come across amazing stuff this site stocks and from there I have filtered out these super colorful backpacks.

The prices are listed below the image and clicking on it takes you directly to the purchase page. These are not affiliate links.

Limeroad Purple Backpack

INR 869, After Discount

Limeroad Blue-Red Backpack

INR 1,380, After Discount

Limeroad Orange-Teal Backpack

INR 780, After Discount

Limeroad Multicolor Backpack

INR 550

Limeroad Orange-Blue Backpack

INR 840, After Discount

Limeroad Blue Embroidered Backpack

INR 1,080, After Discount

Limeroad Embroidered Flap Backpack

INR 780, After Discount

Limeroad Girl-Print Backpack

INR 1,099, After Discount

Limeroad Pink Stars Backpack

INR 799

Limeroad Beige Embellished Backpack

INR 1,495, After Discount

Limeroad MultiFloral Backpack

INR 1,200, After Discount

Limeroad Violet Backpack

INR 1,099, After Discount

Limeroad Yellow Backpack

INR 799

Limeroad Monochrome Backpack

INR 1,099

Limeroad White Embellished Backpack

INR 900, After Discount


Limeroad Dots Backpack

INR 625, After Discount

Limeroad Green Backpack

INR 1,099


Limeroad Ombre Blue Backpack

INR 2,999

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