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5 New Launches At Hidesign That Have The Fashion World Buzzing

Hidesign makes the nation’s most coveted leather bags. When we think of leather, this is the brand that invariably comes to mind. Yeah – so we all know that too well by now. With over 37 years of experience in leather it was a natural progression for Hidesign to diversify into other lifestyle products, much to the delight of us consumers. The past few months have seen a few exciting launches from them and we are here to divulge them to you, if you have not already been aware of them, that is.

1. Footwear

Okay – so this isn’t exactly a brand new launch, considering they came around in September this year. But the idea of walking around in their fully leather lined shoes seems too good to be true. And interestingly, their shoes are named after yesteryear Hollywood actresses.

Hidesign Shoes

2. Stationery

I have an unexplained fetish for stationery and I literally guard them like jewelry. I have over 50 diaries from the past years stashed away and no one, not even hubby dear (though he has magnanimously added to my collection), is allowed to venture close to it! Thus, just hearing about their stationery launch of leather bound journals and writing instruments was enough for me to put it high up in my drool-worthy-must-have lust list. Just to remind you, the gifting season is round the corner ;)! They are available in ruled and unruled versions, in three sizes, the paper is handmade AND they start as low as INR 995!

Hidesign Journals

Hidesign Stationery

3. Store Launches at Portugal, Spain, Jammu

Hidesign continues to expand its reach worldwide and make us Indians proud. The latest in their retail network are the stores at Portugal, Spain and Jammu. Our beloved brand is ever more closer to us!

4. 30 Day Return Policy

In a move that further reinforces consumer confidence and safeguards buyer interest, Hidesign has introduced a 30 day return/exchange policy. Given the high costs of leather goods, this is a welcome move in a country like India, where people strive to receive the maximum bang for their buck. So go on and shop fearlessly, knowing that your money is in safe hands.

Hidesign Returns

5. AW ’15 Jackets and Bags

We can’t leave out the core competency now, can we! Fashionable jackets and purposeful bags from the Autumn Winter ’15 and the Marca Punto collections totally living up to the brand’s larger-than-life reputation now adorn the stores. You’d find something to suit your many moods and occasions. Check them out here.

Hidesign Jackets

Hidesign AW '15 Bag

Hidesign AW '15 Bag 1

We bet these novel ideas would definitely click with you – if not all, at least a majority of them! Flaunt your love for Hidesign and share it with us!

All images belong to Hidesign and are used here only for review purpose.

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