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The Ultimate A To Z List of Bag Brands in India

The Internet has been abuzz about the Google Alphabet these past few days. The unconventional company continues to innovate and comes up with ideas that help it maintain its undisputed dominance in the marketplace. They even registered the interesting domain name – That piqued my interest and since I have this habit of linking everything and anything I read to bags in one way or the other, I hit upon this idea to create an ultimate A – Z list of Indian bag brands. Thanks to the power of the internet, we now see amazing talent that would otherwise be shrouded in oblivion. This is by no means exhaustive and I will keep updating it as and when I come across more brands. Click on the brand names for their website or their social media page. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

How to read the below: First line under each brand specifies broadly the genre of the bag and the occasion they are fit to be carried to, followed by the price range. Please take all three paremeters with a liberal pinch of salt as these are only general pointers and not rigid rules.


2AM Store

  • Contemporary | Casual Wear | Budget
  • USP: They customize and cater to bulk orders, “striving each day to give this world a Better Bag”!

3 Mad Chicks

  • Contemporary | Casual Wear | Budget
  • USP: If you have an attitude, they have a bag to match it! They include a fun element in every bag that both delights and surprises.

1961 Art Atelier

  • Contemporary | Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: They believe in wearable art and as such, each of their pieces is an exquisite creation.


All Mine

  • Contemporary/Casual Wear | Budget
  • USP: Crafted with the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle, these are bright, functional bags one can easily incorporate into their attires.


  • Contemporary | Casual Wear | Budget
  • USP: They specialize in leather and faux leather handbags and purses.


  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Casual/Occasion Wear| Medium-High End
  • USP: Arancia has a distinguished range of contemporary and traditional clutches in the trendiest elements.

Avec Amour

  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: They have some of the best totes in the market.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear| Budget-Medium End
  • USP: Highly practical, functional and chic, these are the go-to bags of students and professionals alike.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear/Travel | Medium-High End
  • USP: They have a bespoke service where you can design your bag from scratch and even check the swatches of leather you want for your bag.

Bharti Jesrani

  • Contemporary/Artistic | Casual/Occasion Wear| Medium-High End
  • USP: Beautiful beaded bags taken to a level of grandeur.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Intricate woven patterns in leather translate to classy, sophisticated bags for the modern woman.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget-Medium End
  • USP: Your everyday bags with a stylish twist.


  • Quirky/Contemporary | Casual Wear | Budget-Medium End
  • USP: Mundane everyday objects turned into fun patterns.

Crazy Palette

  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Casual/Occasion Wear | Budget-Medium End
  • USP: They adorn clutches with the most stunning hand-painted embellishments from their colorful palette.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | Budget-Medium End
  • USP: Stylish bags with a focus on high wearability, pop colors and a pulse on the international fashion trends.


Desi Drama Queen

  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: For the drama queen, who lets her sensational bags do all the talking!


  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Casual | Medium-High End
  • USP: Bringing together Rajasthani ethnic sensibilities with the best practices in leather handling.


Earthy Roots

  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Fabric bags in functional forms dominated by beautiful Indian prints.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: They show how a bag can be minimal yet steal the thunder. Read more on them here.



  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: For the young and the fearless!

Fizza Designs

  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Harboring a deep passion for art in everyday life, they strive to make affordable fashion bags.


Gayatri Chopra Bags

  • Ethnic | Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Occasion wear bags in a kaleidoscope of colors and stunning patterns.


Happily Unmarried

  • Contemporary | Casual/Travel | Budget
  • USP: Fun, unisex bags in a wide plethora of themes.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear/Travel | Medium-High End
  • USP: “Real leather crafted the forgotten way” – need we say more?!


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: A fine example of blending in Indian cultural heritage with international trends and silhouettes.

High On Leather

  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Leather bags with admirers across the globe!


Jute Shop

  • Ethnic | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Who knew jute could be so beautiful!



  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | High End
  • USP: Leather bags that are simplistic yet sophisticated.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget-Medium End
  • USP: Fickle is indeed fun – with scores of highly delectable bags, who can be fixated with just one?!

Love to Bag

  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Handicrafts and contemporary designs come together to appeal to the independent, discerning woman, in the form of ornate clutches. They were one of the earliest brands to feature on our blog.


Madras Motif

  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Customized bags in every shape and size in the most amazing fabrics! Read our detailed feature on them here.

Malaga Bags and Accessories

  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Occasion Wear | High End
  • USP: That they boast of celebrity clientele speaks for their highly coveted embellished clutches.

Meera Mahadevia

  • Contemporary | Occasion Wear | High End
  • USP: Probably India’s oldest luxury bag brand, in operation since 1985, her bags are the most versatile and varied we have seen when it comes to special occasion wear.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: Bags that look luxurious, feel luxurious but as easy on the pocket!


Nappa Dori

  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: Everything from the name (translating to Leather & Thread) to the designs is a tribute to India!

Needle Doodle

  • Ethnic | Casual | Budget
  • USP: A NIFT graduate has admirers far and wide for her cruelty-free bags often incorporating recycled material. Discover more about them here.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | Budget
  • USP: With a range of bags to answer your need for every occasion, Niche has you pretty much covered!



  • Quirky/Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | Budget
  • USP: Their clutches lean more towards fun and less on the quirky side.



  • Contemporary | Occasion Wear | Budget
  • USP: With the unique qualification of a Masters of Science in Luxury Goods & Services, founder Karishma Shahani brings to us bags with both western and Indian influences.

Pure Ghee Designs

  • Ethnic/Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | Budget
  • USP: Designs as pure and indulgent as home-made ghee, Aditi Prakash’s bags are made from silks and brocades, yet beautiful double up as everyday carry-ons. Do check out their latest collection here.



  • Quirky/Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Much like the name suggests, satiate your quirky side with fun and wacky themed bags.


Rachana Reddy

  • Contemporary/Ethnic | Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Watch out for her one-of-a-kind wooden clutches.

Rara Avis

  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear | High End
  • USP: You’ll see leather like never before!


  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear/Office Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Sisters RIdhima and SAloni have literally grown up amidst the lap of leather with their family owned business churning out thousands of leather bags each month. So they know more than a thing or two about leather and bags! Read more about them here and here.


  • Contemporary | Ethnic/Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Infusing global inspiration, from Indian embroidery to microbeads from Japan, into her beaded bags is Priyanshi Mehta, who is also a fierce believer in animal rights. Discover Rossoyuki in detail here.


  • Contemporary | Ethnic/Casual/Occasion Wear | High End
  • USP: Rwiti bags reflect the rich cultural heritage of India in its various motifs and patterns. The founder, Rwitti Roy, is testimony to the fact that even without formal training, one can do wonders driven by passion alone. Feature on Rwiti bags here.


Shor Sharaba

  • Quirky/Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Fun bags brought to you by super talented sisters!


Tarini Nirula

  • Ethnic | Occasion Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: Trained at the prestigious NIFT, Tarini’s clutches are statement making that “exude beauty, functionality and timeless style”.

The Leather Boutique

  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | High End
  • USP: The one stop shop for all your leather needs – from bags to jackets and even leather care. We featured them in detail here.

The RAD Project

  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear/Occasion Wear | Budget
  • USP: Let all your gadgets find a unique, customized home!


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Medium-High End
  • USP: They create bags that are sturdy for the daily grind, much like a tortoise’s shell. Read more about them here.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: They let you design your own bag from scratch! We have them covered on our blog here and here.


  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: Genuine leather bags with innovative and fresh designs.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear/Travel | High End
  • USP: Leather bags created the eco-friendly way with a focus on both form and function.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Occasion Wear/Travel | Budget
  • USP: A young brand incorporating fusion elements from various cultures and creating world-class bags in the process.



  • Contemporary | Casual/Office Wear | Budget
  • USP: A wide variety of bags in playful forms and colors for the urban men and women.



  • Contemporary | Casual | Budget
  • USP: Wallets in quirky, retro hand-painted themes. You can read more about them here.


Featured Image Courtesy: Maureen Didde via Flickr

About Vidya Gupta

Mother to three lovely boys and wife of a banking professional, I am extremely passionate about a host of topics, bags being one of them. For the record, the others are - makeup, travel, photography, in no particular order. Here I share my perspective on the Indian as well as the international bag-scene. As a youngster I would spend most of my money on bags and carry one according to my outfit. It is this love that I express through this blog. Needless to say, any suggestions for improvement, even healthy criticisms, are highly encouraged. Hope you enjoy your stay here and find something useful to help you on your next bag purchase!

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  1. Great to see your blog must say it is very comprehensive. I am also a bag lover. Hence, I was looking for a good diaper bag for gifting to a friend who had recently had a baby, i did not want the usual plastic ones available in the market, just to realise there were no good diaper bags available which is when while searching online I stumbled upon ZAIZU, have never heard of this brand it seems to be a hidden gem, we ordered one online through their Facebook page just to realise later that they were also available on SnapDeal. Fortunately the bag was delivered within 3 days, the feel of the bag is simply awesome, rather the bright red colour is a head turner. Unfortunately there is very little information available about the brand, no contact numbers or email address except the Facebook page. I have carried best of the brands but have never felt so good about carrying a bag as I did while holding ZAIZU in my hands. Could you please help us know more about their product range and where is their outlet.

    • Hi Shweta – glad to know you found the blog interesting!
      Thank you so much for mentioning about Zaizu – I will get in touch with them and plan a post about their bags.

      Keep visiting for more on bags!

  2. Classic Point Leather Goods produced genuine messenger bags for men and women.

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  3. Nice list of bag brands in India. I use Baggit branded bags because of there quality.

  4. Hi Vidya, I am starting with new Leather Handbags Industry as a start up. I require your inputs on how to get started in full fledge [Be with Designs and other things] and what all needs to be done. I would also like to share some equity of my company to you since you are into Bags industry thing from long. So, that we can work together and make it a big brand across India. Do let me know your views and Please contact me if you are interested in working. Thanks.