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Chumbak Loyalty Program

All You Need To Know About The Chumbak Loyalty Program

Brand loyalty programs are one of the best ways to save some serious cash while still splurging on your favorite items. Whereas discounts during sales are instantaneous and open to all, loyalty programs yield spectacular savings over a period of time and they are exclusive to you. In addition, such programs are also your gateway to a privileged status that lets you know about new launches, promotions and discounts before anyone else in the general market.

And when the products are as exciting as those offered by Chumbak, being loyal, and hence signing up for their loyalty program, is a breeze! The folks at Chumbak have been so kind as to let us know the details of their rewards program and here we present it to you threadbare. They also have an ongoing sale with discounts as high as 70%! Make the most of it right away while also taking note of how to reap rich rewards in the times to come!

1. You earn points for purchases online as well in their exclusive stores.

2. Here are the points you actually earn:



Shop for Rs. 1 – Rs. 1499 

(Upon first purchase)

Shop for Rs. 1500 – Rs. 4999 Shop for up to Rs. 5000 and above


Earn 2 points for every purchase of Rs. 100 Earn 4 points for every purchase of Rs. 100 Earn 6 points for every purchase of Rs. 100

3. You get upgraded to All-Star or Legend on lifetime cumulative spends of INR 1,500-INR 4,999 and of INR 5000 and above respectively. Now that’s a major benefit – even if you are a moderate shopper, you can climb up the ladder to be a Legend pretty soon!

4. No elaborate process to follow to become a member. Simply share your phone number at the time of billing (they have a detailed privacy policy on their website) and you are automatically enrolled.

5. 1 point is equal to INR 1. That’s a huge plus! Oftentimes we focus so much on accumulating points that we miss to see what those points are actually worth.

6. The points have a validity of 1 year post which they expire. Hmmm – now here we would have liked a longer life for the points.

7. For redemption, there is neither a minimum purchase amount nor a minimum number of points requirement.  That is, whatever the number of points you have accumulated, you can use it for any purchase, irrespective of the purchase amount.

8. You can redeem your points either online or at their exclusive stores.

Overall I think it’s a hassle-free program, if you can just remember to utilize your points before they expire. Chumbak has added loads of categories to their product portfolio with stunning, quirky stuff in each. It’s a win-win situation, so go ahead and splurge guilt-free!

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