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Baggit Monsoon Collection

Baggit’s Monsoon Collection: High on Function, Glam in Form

I seem to have lost all sense of time. I’m only faintly aware of Day and Night chasing each other relentlessly; arriving at the current date, month, day and season is an exercise in concentration. So when I saw the press release of Baggit’s Monsoon Collection, I went, ‘Monsoon Collection? Already?’ A quick reality check confirmed that it was not Baggit but I who was out of step with the rolling seasons.

It is a short, sweet, capsule collection, consisting of 6 bags in 3 essential shapes – slings, shoulder bags and totes. While the slings are hued in monotones, it is the catchy color-cum-pattern blocking on the others that makes the whole bunch so much more exciting. The two bags in sailor blue in their combinations with yellow and green are my top picks! The very basic feature one would expect from a monsoon collection is that the bags can withstand the moisture and not be spoilt due to it. These bags go a step further – they not only protect themselves but also the contents as they are made from water repellent Nylon. Just a few days back I posted on the BagsLounge Facebook account about handbag raincoats available abroad. Don’t bother with raincoats for these bags; they are capable enough to take care of themselves! That said, now don’t go soaking your bag for a luxurious bath! Space-wise, I am sure they fall in line with the Baggit DNA – there’ll be plenty for your essentials and then some more. Rest, I can comment only after checking out the bags myself.

The price points are lower than the earlier launches – say, the ‘Play The Life Game’ – they start at INR 1,975 and go up to INR 2,550. I think I have made my choice from this collection – the blue and green tote (the very first in the pictures below); green adds the much needed spark for dull weather while blue plays its part by giving a contrasting background, not to mention those cute plantain leaves! Check out the press release and then the pictures!


Baggit Monsoon Special Collection

Baggit unveils a new monsoon collection with an assorted range of water repellant bags that will save your essentials from the rains. Made from water repellent materials, like Nylon, that is in line with their ‘beauty without cruelty’ philosophy, this innovative and super stylish collection has bags ranging from totes and hobos to clutches and wallets that will have you asking for more. The collection is inspired from ombre, clustered, color bleeds in synthetic sheers, fade out stripes and vertical holds that are weaved with polarized and digital fantasy color shift trends. A youthful, vibrant and trendy color palette of reds, blues, blacks, neon greens and oranges make all the bags stand out.

Baggit L TRINO Tote Bag Green
INR 2,550
Baggit L TRINO Tote Bag Red
INR 2,550
Baggit L BOHO Nylon Tote Blue
INR 1,975
Baggit L BOHO Nylon Tote Green
INR 1,975
Baggit L LIBRAN Nylon Sling Bag Aqua
INR 2,325
Baggit L LIBRAN Nylon Sling Bag Brown
INR 2,325

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