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What To Consider When Choosing The Right Bag For Your Kids

Kids Bags

Back when we were little kids, most of us had one bag – The School Bag! Replacement was an annual affair and Back to School was exciting because we all got to flaunt our shiny new bags. Our kids though, have a few more bags then the school ones! Most will have ...

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Put An End To Counterfeiting Woes In High End Handbags With This New App

Entrupy Handbag Authentication

The global fake handbag market is over a billion dollars. It’s of course illegal and authenticators pour in several hours of study to understand the intricate identifiers as well as to keep abreast of these changing details. The menace of counterfeit bags is especially relevant to buyers of pre-loved goods. ...

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Bags You Can Carry In Multiple Ways

Lavie 4D Bag

We girls like to be perfectly co-ordinated in our outfits. It gives out a strong message that we are well informed and savvy in our choices, independent in our thinking. But unless you have unlimited budget and space in your closet, you really cannot go on buying a new bag ...

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10 Tips To Care For Your Leather Bags

Leather Bag Care

You spend a lot of time in selecting good leather bags for yourself but when it comes to taking care of them, how much time do you devote? Maintaining your leather bags is vital if you want to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Here are ten tips ...

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Upgrade Your Bags From Everyday To Elite

Elite Bags Featured Image

While putting together a compilation of affordable party clutches, it occurred to me to write a generic post highlighting elements of a bag that instantly boost a look from drab to dapper. It is a misconception that to exude chic appeal one needs to expend hefty sums of money. A ...

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Hidesign Work Bags With White Accents

Hidesign Work Bags

With summers setting in, it’s time to pull out the whites in all their glory! It’s a comfortable color in both fashion and weather terms, not to mention its versatility. But I maintain a safe distance from it. I can imagine many of you raising your brows questioning that. Well, ...

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A Guide to Buying Luxury Handbags

Luxury Bags

Luxury transcends brands, price and monograms. It is much more than that – it is a unique experience, of owning something that’s exotic and exclusive. It can provide a high when you know you possess one of the most sought-after leather in the world. Of course, the definition of luxury ...

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Design Elements of My Dream Bag

Featured Image

I was sifting through my posts so far and discovered quite startlingly that I missed to post about my dream bag, though I remember mentioning it on FB. Hence, without any further delay I had to do a post on this topic. Everytime I am out shopping for a bag, ...

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Bags And Your Health

Bags and Health

I can read that quizzical look as you try to understand the correlation between bags and health. But let me assure you there are important ramifications which I will address here. The first of the concerns is the ergonomics. We take our bags for granted and don’t think much before ...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bag

Occasion Bags Featured Image

A bag is the most important accessory you carry as opposed to others you wear. It is an extension of one’s personality and its exterior/interior serves a dual purpose of style and storage respectively. It is important to strike a right balance between the two so as to not compromise ...

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