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Hidesign’s Maasai Collection Is Inspired By Rich African Tribal Heritage

Hideign Maasai Collection

Africa is the ultimate destination for adventure and wildlife lovers. Its vast lands are dotted with not only flora and fauna but also picturesque landscapes and aboriginal tribals. Every speck of this land offers liberal doses of inspiration. No wonder then that Hidesign’s latest collection is influenced by the Maasai ...

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Luxury Brand töhl Gives A Millenial Spin To Exquisite Leather Handbags

Tohl Leather Bags

Leather as a material is quite versatile; it’s like a clean slate where creative minds download their ideas and infuse life into them. It’s what explains the great number of brands out there in the market. But leather being a luxurious material, requires in-depth expertise in handling it, a discerning ...

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Website Review: TheBagTalk


Fashion consciousness and e-commerce have witnessed explosive growth these last few years, thanks mostly to similar growth of social media. The shopaholic that I am, I used to be hooked on to these online portals for a good chunk of my non-working hours. Apparel and electronics would be the dominant ...

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These Eco-Friendly Bags By Curry Tree Are Also What Every Fashionista Should Look Forward To

Curry Tree Design

It’s our earnest endeavor to bring to you fascinating stories of handbag brands from far and near. And when it’s a brand taking inspiration from India’s rich traditional ethos, making functional bags that appeal as well to the millennials as to the baby boomers, and being environmentally responsible all the ...

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Here’s Why A Timeless Kompanero Bag Is A Must-Have Accessory

The very sight of a Kompanero bag inspires confidence of a high quality leather product. If you’ve ever glanced at their store and products, you’d readily agree to that. The weathered look, that also lends a vintage appeal, hardly deters the inherent exquisiteness from shining through. Individually handcrafted and distressed, ...

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Take A Peek Into My Everyday Handbag Collection!

Eva Exports Clutch

I am a handbag hoarder – well, that’s anybody’s guess by now – albeit a rather choosy one! I need value for money at all times, without exception. Space is another constraint when it comes to bags; a graver problem than it is for clothes. You can’t just stack them ...

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18 Must-Own Backpacks At Limeroad In Spectacular Colors

Limeroad Backpacks

Limeroad is officially my latest go-to website for all my fashion purchases, followed very closely by Jabong. Their scrapbook feature is truly a game-changer – thousands of users create millions of looks from products available at the site. Now, this has a few immediate tangible outcomes: You have an idea ...

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Sugarush Review: Bags In The Yummiest of Colors!

My bags and I are inseparable twins. For me no dressing is complete without a handbag because it adds  glamour to my appearance. My every bag is a signature piece and statement of my style. I have bags for every occasion. I have a medium sized diary shaped blue colored lamb skin clutch of ...

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Why Your Wardrobe Cannot Do Without A Chumbak Update!

The last I knew about Chumbak was that they were popular for fun fridge magnets. Somehow, within the blink of an eye, they have diversified into every category one could think of for the free-spirited woman and the modern home. Stationery – check. Jewelry – check. Tech accessories – check. ...

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Guide To Colorblocking Your Bags The Holii Way!

Holii Jazz 01 Look

The best thing about Holii is the way they reinvent their bags in new shapes and add new elements, all the while conforming to their ethnic roots. So there is never a moment when you feel ‘oh this is just a spin off of that old style’. The individual elements ...

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Review: Casual Bags From AllMine

AllMine Casual Bags

August has been dismal is terms of the number of posts going up on the blog, thanks to ill health brought on by seasonal changes. However, the silver lining has been that I’ve taken loads of rest and spent more time with my boys than is usually possible. So here ...

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Review: Pure Ghee Designs Sling Bag

Pure Ghee Designs Nomad Sling Bag

Shopping has its benefits – we girls know that all too well. But just to help you reinstate your love for the act (and also to help hassled men see the merits of our shopping sprees), please allow me to enlist. 1. It can turn a boring day around to something that’s ...

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Holii Bags: Add Luxurious Doses of Ethnic Chic To Your Outfits

Holii Bags

Some opinions are cemented forever. I’ve held this idea for the longest time that all cameras of the world have a conspiracy against me. Even the most inanimate object would outdo me in being photogenic. With the result that I was always maintaining a safe distance from the lenses. That ...

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Hidesign Work Bags With White Accents

Hidesign Work Bags

With summers setting in, it’s time to pull out the whites in all their glory! It’s a comfortable color in both fashion and weather terms, not to mention its versatility. But I maintain a safe distance from it. I can imagine many of you raising your brows questioning that. Well, ...

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A-Bag-a-Day Baggit Petite Mint Green Shoulder Bag

Baggit Webster Tejab Mint Green

As overused as it sounds, this mint green shoulder bag from Baggit is the last, but not the least, in this category of casual bags. It’s a small one but don’t worry, you’re bang on trend; mini bags have taken the global handbag scene by storm. Did you know the ...

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