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What To Consider When Choosing The Right Bag For Your Kids

Back when we were little kids, most of us had one bag – The School Bag! Replacement was an annual affair and Back to School was exciting because we all got to flaunt our shiny new bags. Our kids though, have a few more bags then the school ones! Most will have another backpack that they take to activity classes outside school. In addition, girls have the options of purses matching their specific dresses! All said and done, kids today just can’t do with one bag. As a parent, when I go out in the market to buy bags, I am floored by the options available. There is a wide variety available across material, design, size and price range. It is so easy for us to go overboard. Here is a quick list of things to note before you buy bags for your kids!

Is the Child going to carry it, or am I?
If you are doubting my sanity at this point, I don’t blame you. You obviously have not had to deal with headstrong toddlers! Kids aged 3+ would want the bags they like but not carry them round constantly. So, either you end up carrying the bag or you have a very grumpy toddler at hand. My solution for this was to carry a large purse. It was roomy enough for me to stuff my daughter’s discarded bag into without a problem!

Kids Bags

Is it the Right Size?
Our child’s bags need to grow with them for them to be comfortable enough. This is especially true for backpacks. If a bag is too big, it will constantly bump against your child’d body, making it uncomfortable. For older kids, who carry heavier backpacks, toting around a large, heavy bag can give them muscular pains on the back and shoulders. Ideally, the bottom of the backpack should align with the curve of the lower back, and it should not fall more than four inches below the child’s waistline. The backpack’s shoulder-strap anchor points (where it connects to the body of the bag) should also rest upto two inches below the top of the shoulders. For other bag options, whether it is a girl’s purse or a cross body satchel, it needs to be the appropriate size and not drag the child down.


Kids Bags

Is the Material Appropriate?
Goes without saying that the material needs to be high quality. You don’t want canvas bags to develop gaping holes or the nylon ones to rip at seams. I saw cute versions of transparent bags for kids but they were made of plastic and so easy to cut. You don’t want sharp edges to tear into the kid’s skin. Most important is to ensure that there is no rough material where the bag can potentially come in contact with the skin or else it will cause chafing. This is especially true for girl’s summer bags carried on one shoulder.

The quality of the snaps, zippers, seam covers and any bits and bobs added for decoration needs to be good too. The zippers can come undone, the snaps can break and make things really tough for the kid to handle. Signs of poor quality are indicated by sloppy stitching or loose threads, raw, exposed fabric edges, which can fray and weaken the fabric and also get stuck in the zipper. For toddlers, I especially recommend choosing cloth bags or fur bags that will be soft enough for them to handle. Did you know that fur clothes are a big fall trend this year? The kiddo bags will be super stylish too! Needless to say, the bags also need to be examined for detachable stuff that can be a potential choking hazard.

Kids Bags

Is the Bag Fun?

Lastly, is the bag fun? The most important thing is that the bag needs to appeal to the kids. A bag with their (current!!!) favourite cartoon character will get much more use than a cuter one with a random design.

TheBagTalk Kids Bags

So that is it people. My tips to select the perfect bag for your kiddos that both of you will love. What are some of your tips? Do share!

Editor’s Note: The above post is by Ankita who blogs at She is a working mom to a 7 year old who has been blogging for about 13 years now. Her current blog, Lifestyle of a Professional, has everything from parenting thoughts to travel advice to loads of beauty and makeup related posts – everything an urban Indian mom can relate to.

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