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Holii Laptop Bag

Classy Formal Wear Inspiration From Holii Bags

Working remotely has its own set of pros and cons, like with anything else in this world. Not being able to dress up prim and proper everyday is one of the greatest cons there ever could be! Thanks to my little twins, I have been confined to my home for sometime now. But this blog gives me all the opportunity I want to make up for lost ground! 🙂

Picking a bag for office is a tricky affair; while you need not pick the absolute Plain Janes, you want the whole thing to be sober yet elegant. Unless of course, you are in a design, media house or other such industries where one could experiment with greater freedom. For this look, I picked up two Holii bags – a maroon laptop bag and a grey-maroon shoulder bag, which I thought had the perfect combination of colors that were muted but were perfect partners of power dressing.

Holii Laptop Bag

Holii Laptop Bag

The zips go down all the way to the bottom of the bag which makes it easy to take your laptop in an out of it. The zip pulls are broad enough and are easy to grasp. But the design is so sleek that I doubt it would comfortably fit in the charger and a couple of more accessories, without distorting the shape. It does have a small zipped pouch at the front that could easily take it a mouse, pen drives, pens and such smaller items. A second con is the lack of any shoulder strap. There should at least have been an optional provision for this. Otherwise, the bag is pretty affordable at INR 2,695.

Holii Laptop Bag

You could buy the bag here: Pongal Laptop Sleeve

The second is this shoulder bag with top handles that I fell head over heels in love with at the very first sight. And it has proved quite worthy of that. The colors work very well together and the ethnic motifs all over it add the proverbial ‘chaar chaand‘ (as beautiful as four moons, so to say) effect. These neutral colors ensure that it is a perfect match for most of the wardrobe.

Though it is a structured bag, it is not stiff which is a blessing. It is quite spacious with a couple of pouches inside apart from the single central compartment. The tassels add a tiny amount of fun element. It is priced at INR 4,095.

Holii Shoulder Bag

Holii Shoulder Bag

Holii Shoulder Bag

Holii Shoulder Bag

Holii Shoulder Bag

Sometimes these bags are so good that I land up in a fix, unable to decide on which one to buy! Have you ever been in such a situation? Which are your favorite bags for formal dressing?

About Vidya Gupta

Mother to three lovely boys and wife of a banking professional, I am extremely passionate about a host of topics, bags being one of them. For the record, the others are - makeup, travel, photography, in no particular order. Here I share my perspective on the Indian as well as the international bag-scene. As a youngster I would spend most of my money on bags and carry one according to my outfit. It is this love that I express through this blog. Needless to say, any suggestions for improvement, even healthy criticisms, are highly encouraged. Hope you enjoy your stay here and find something useful to help you on your next bag purchase!

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  1. Lovely bags, Vidya! Personally I prefer the ones that have a lot of zip pockets to neatly store all the knick-knacks. Will now browse your blog for more bag reviews. 🙂

    Best, Ragini

    • Hi Ragini,

      Glad you liked the bags! Yup – my preference is similar too, to help me stay organized.

      Hope you find helpful articles here!


  2. Nice…it seems so good..These bags are very classy and cases come in many different exciting colors and different size and shapes It added chase to your personality and professionalism.thank you for sharing………..