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Design Elements of My Dream Bag

I was sifting through my posts so far and discovered quite startlingly that I missed to post about my dream bag, though I remember mentioning it on FB. Hence, without any further delay I had to do a post on this topic. Everytime I am out shopping for a bag, there are a few very basic elements that I look for and couldn’t do without. For reference, I’ll talk with respect to an everyday bag take one of my tiny backpacks. Though a backpack is not my ideal style, this backpack has many features that are essential for me.

First and foremost is the organization within. How many compartments are there serving basic everyday necessities – stationery, phone, money, cards, receipts, makeup etc. I hate dumping everything into one compartment and then fumbling for stuff when I need them. But there must also be a single big compartment for the big items. This bag has exactly everything I look for; notice its multiples spaces. Makeup essentially requires a fool-proof casing else you can spoil your entire bag. But I heard a very interesting argument from my sis-in-law about why she doesn’t prefer many pockets. Apparently, she forgets which compartment she put a particular item in and hence prefers bags with minimal compartments. Of course, the degree of compartmentalization is an individual preference. The zipped pocket at the back gives me peace of mind when I hang it over my shoulders and it disappears out of view. Yet I know that any money/cards at the back compartment are safe and sound.

Internal Makeup Slots

Main Compartment

Multiple Internal Slots

Then comes the size. Everyday bags cannot and should not be bulky. The trick is how well the space within has been optimized. A lot of thought needs to go into the design of the bag for this aspect. Though the central compartment of this particular backpack is rather too small, I hope you get the hang of it.

Comfort is another very important factor. Ensure that the size is just optimal for your purpose. Else you’ll only end up accumulating unnecessary stuff over time. Also, I recommend flat soft handles to rounded ones which are usually harder. It is preferable to have straps that can be adjusted according to the weight, situation etc. Slings are usually handy here as they turn to shoulder bags and vice versa simply by adjusting the strap length. Another tip is to choose textures and colors that do not attract a lot of dirt/dust. Ours is a tropical country and especially susceptible to dust. Leather is a material where ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds doubly true.

I haven’t seen a lot of Indian bags which support such level of compartmentalization but Baggit comes very close. They have a very innovative approach to store things within. I always find something new when I visit their store.

So do let me know what is THE most important design element in a bag for you!

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Mother to three lovely boys and wife of a banking professional, I am extremely passionate about a host of topics, bags being one of them. For the record, the others are - makeup, travel, photography, in no particular order. Here I share my perspective on the Indian as well as the international bag-scene. As a youngster I would spend most of my money on bags and carry one according to my outfit. It is this love that I express through this blog. Needless to say, any suggestions for improvement, even healthy criticisms, are highly encouraged. Hope you enjoy your stay here and find something useful to help you on your next bag purchase!

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