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Discover: Rossoyuki

Whoever said reading opens up new avenues and discoveries hitherto unknown, thoroughly knew the value of this activity. Reading has always been a hobby, but between a 4-year old toddler, a full time job and balancing a million other chores, it’s a luxury if I find enough space in time to squeeze in an article or two to read. During a rare indulgence of hair spa and flipping through an issue of Femina, I came across this rather interesting brand.

Rossoyuki Founder - Priyanshi Mehta

Founded by Priyanshi Mehta, the idea was to have a name that would convey the meaning that their designs are truly global and are a perfect culmination of the best of art from across the world. She succeeds brilliantly with the aptly chosen words – Italian ‘Rosso’ meaning ‘Red’ and Japanese ‘Yuki’ meaning ‘Snowflakes’ – that come together to give the unique name to her brand that is just about a year old. Priyanshi’s own learning spanned across cities, with her education in Milan, where she was bold enough to rent out an apartment and live alone, fascination with Indian embroidery and then the chance discovery of microbeads in Japan, which result in an ornate combination. Art runs in her family with her mother being an artist herself and her father running a jewellery business. Her bags reflect various art forms in perfect handmade orchestration using the highly coveted and versatile Gutermann thread. Needless to say, such high level of precision, and use of such unique elements result in nothing but luxurious accessories. But they don’t just stop there, they strive to make the overall experience luxurious as well. It takes around 4-5 weeks to come up with each such product. And they do it responsibly – their products are completely cruelty-free:

We believe that we shouldn’t have kill an innocent animal to make a magnificent accessory.

Rossoyuki Founder - Priyanshi Mehta

Noble thought. In fact, Priyanshi is an animal rights activist and runs an NGO called the Youth Organization in Defence of Animals.

For their products, they train local Indian artisans in the usage of these global art forms. A win-win situation for the makers and the consumers. They also customize and the final rates then depend on the level of customization and whether or not one chooses to have Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. They have different lines though with different price points – YUKI being the Pret line (or ready-made) which is priced between INR 5,000 and INR 10,000. The ROSSOYUKI line is further divided into Poise (Victorian Style), Preen (Avant-Garde Styles) and Palette (Pop Culture and prints from the wild). They maintain the exclusivity factor by not repeating designs. In line with their global image, they also offer international shipping.

Rossoyuki is also into jewellery and footwear. A slideshow of their work follows for your viewing pleasure! It’s a matter of pride how our designers are making such indelible impressions on the global art scene.

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