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Raff Luxury Leather Bags

Discover: The Beauty Of Minimalism Through Raff’s Leather Bags

Discerning eyes can spot hitherto unexplored pockets of the market and fill them with unique offerings, honed to perfection with their exquisite craftsmanship. This was my thought when I came across Raff, that’s got to be the youngest brand featured on BagsLounge so far. Looking at their product portfolio it’s difficult to imagine that they are just 4 months old!

Raff is a genuine leather luxury brand whose bags are made of sophisticated minimalism yet exude muted elegance. It is backed by the fashion expertise of Rashi Agarwal, who graduated from London School of Fashion and the business expertise of Maurits Favier, who hails from Netherlands. Rashi also brings to the table her experience in working for a leading leather brand. The brand, thus, brings the best of both worlds to the consumer.

As you’d see in the pictures below, hardware is kept to a bare minimum whereas hand-stitched detailing takes center-stage.  The traditional saddle stitching technique is used here that ensures superior strength and durability as compared to machine stitching. Buffalo leather is used also for reasons of exceptional sturdiness. It would interest you to know that Hermès, the Paris-based luxury leather goods powerhouse, also uses the saddle stitching technique. Raff’s designs and silhouettes bear a unique character, quite apart from what you’d have seen thus far in the leather market.

Though minimal in designs, functionally, the bags are on the contrary.  Take for instance the Hugo that switches between a backpack and sling with ease. The Vega exhibits a similar dual carry mode of a sling and a waist bag. The handbags are especially suited for office wear, though nothing stops you from experimenting with them elsewhere too. The trick lies in balancing out the subdued design with other details in the right measure.  The best part is these bags are in neutral shades and would complement almost your whole wardrobe.

The brand is also environmentally conscious as it uses only eco-friendly, vegetable tanned leather. They provide livelihood to legions of artisans across India and firmly believe in fair trade thus ensuring fair remuneration and healthy living conditions. Overall, I see Raff as yet another promising brand all set to make significant inroads in the Indian fashion industry.

Prepare to be swept over by the beauty of these minimalist bags, as we present the images and look-book below!

Raff Vega Genuine Leather Sling Bag

Raff Vega Genuine Leather Sling Bag

Raff Maus Genuine Leather Handbag
Raff Luke Genuine Leather Handbag
Raff Luke Genuine Leather Handbag
Raff Hugo Genuine Leather Backpack
Raff Hugo Genuine Leather Backpack
Raff Fred Genuine Leather Wallet
Raff Fred Genuine Leather

All Images belong to Raff and are reproduced here only for review purpose.

Thanks to Priyanka Dhawan for having sent us all the details!

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