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Valentine's Day Handbag Gifting

Your Essential Guide To The Coolest Handbags Worth Gifting This Valentine’s Day

Gifting is always a fulfilling activity – whether giving or receiving. When it comes to women, you’re spoilt for choice! But that also implies a lot of thought goes into choosing the right one based on the receiver’s preferences and personality. However, if you’re not good at that, handbags are one of your safest bets to please your lady – sheer variety in colors, shapes and sizes means that there is always something to complement her existing collection. After all, there is no such thing as having ‘enough’ bags, clothes and footwear. Whereas size issues can render the latter two unusable, with the former, it might only be put to use on a different occasion.

For Valentine’s Day, we suggest you go off the beaten track and choose something fun and flirty rather than quirky as quirk can sometimes be putting-off if one does not have adequate taste for it. Fret not about where to go looking for such pieces, as we have curated just such bags for you!

In addition, you can go ahead a step with these ideas:

  1. Get your beloved’s name engraved on some of the Baggit bags.
  2. Or even get her (or him) a completely customized bag.
  3. And if you are artistically inclined, make the bag your canvas and let your imagination go wild (careful about what you do with leather though)! That would be the epitome of adding your personalized touch, something that would go a long, long way in cementing your place in her heart (trust me, you’re hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth! 🙂 ).

The price of the bag is mentioned below the image. Click on the image to be taken to the page of purchase (these are not affiliate links).

Indiebazaar MultiColoured Clutch

INR 1,000


Koovs Drawstring Bag

INR 1,599


StalkBuyLove Handheld Bag

INR 1,799


Flipkart Tonino Leathers Shoulder Bag

INR 1,250 (After 44% Discount)


FabIndia Cotton Canvas Floral Clutch

INR 990 (After 70% Discount)


Zooomberg Kiss Me Clutch

INR 2,199


TheRedBox Tote

INR 2,175


Kazo Renee Clutch


INR 2,990


Jabong Cosmetic Pouch

INR 319 (After 25% Discount)


Phive Rivers Fringe Crossbody

INR 5,500


Madden Girl Bucket Bag

INR 2,400 (After 40% Discount)


Koovs Wallet

INR 995

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  1. My brother gifted my mom a baggit bag and I loved it to bits 🙂 I saw the collection when I was in India and was so impressed 🙂

  2. This blog is everything!
    I am so glad I discovered it through PurseBlog 🙂