Holii Jazz 01 Look

Guide To Colorblocking Your Bags The Holii Way!

The best thing about Holii is the way they reinvent their bags in new shapes and add new elements, all the while conforming to their ethnic roots. So there is never a moment when you feel ‘oh this is just a spin off of that old style’. The individual elements are quite contemporary while the overall look is traditional which makes them an ideal partner to both both western and Indian outfits. The rich textures and bold colors mean you get to make a statement that is muted yet supremely elegant. As you will see below the Jazz 01, for example, blends in perfectly with my western outfit. And space was never an issue with Holii bags – they are aptly compartmentalized to hold all your essentials and more.

Holii Jazz 01 Look

Holii Jazz 01

Here comes the bag, on its own this time (;)) in its two color variations. The Jazz 01 costs INR 4,395.

Holii Jazz 01 Crossbody

Willow 01 is part of a collection with metallic grab-handles or top handles. It has the longer strap as well. It is a structured bag by virtue of its shape but the neatly separated blocks of texture on its body further add to its austere structure. But it’s by no means rigid – it allows for easy access within. With an external open pouch and five pockets inside the Willow 01 is bound to be your trusted partner wherever you go. The bag can double up as a cute briefcase if you carry it by its top handles; that is what caught my fancy about this range – bags taking you from work to fun effortlessly. It is priced at INR 4,995.

Holii Willow01

Then there is the range with scarfs tied around the body with a knot in the front. You can retain this fun element if you so desire, else you can simply pull it out and use, which might be more fitting for formal occasions. The rest of the colors and patterns are from the set we have come to distinctly recognize as Holii! Similar to all other mid-sized bags the Maple 01 too is priced at nominally at INR 4,895. As the pictures below indicate, you have adequate storage including easy access pouches at the front and back of the bag.

Holii Maple 01 Shoulder Bag

Holii Maple 01 Shoulder Bag

Holii Maple 01 Shoulder Bag

Colorblocking is a beautiful play on colors and we love its overall effect. So what’s your idea of colorblocking? Do let us know!

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