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Hidesign Work Bags

Hidesign Work Bags With White Accents

With summers setting in, it’s time to pull out the whites in all their glory! It’s a comfortable color in both fashion and weather terms, not to mention its versatility. But I maintain a safe distance from it. I can imagine many of you raising your brows questioning that. Well, my reasons look something like the below:

1. The dust in tropical climates is uncontrollable, unless you are the one travelling only in air-conditioned cars, working in air-conditioned offices and shopping at air-conditioned malls. Even then, the risk is not completely eliminated.

2. I like to dress impeccably. I take a long time (unusually long if you ask my hubby) to get ready and be out the door, but that’s ok. I have this need to be prim and proper whenever I step out of the house. So any blemishes on my pristine bags will just not do.

3. When it comes to handbags, cleaning leather, especially, is not an easy task. The ‘prevention is better than cure‘ idiom applies thoroughly.

4. A full time IT job, a 5 year old naughty son, twin 6 month old boys, a blog, our home and of course, my hubby, who sometimes seems to need more care than all three of my boys put together. In between all this, if I manage some time, I’d rather use it to catch my breath, than tend to stained hides.

5. I simply love color; not the light ones like white, beige, cream.

Due to all the above, I look for other and easier ways to bring in whites to my looks. I know many of you might laugh off the reasons I give, but this is my version of the story. When I visited the Hidesign store I found good ways to do this. Both bags featured here have white handles which I think complements the designs very well. This way, much less area is susceptible to dust marks.

Hidesign Work Bag Woven Marty 01
Pardon this hazy picture!

This is the Marty 01, which is in a combination of tan and white. The rolled handles and the bottom one-third of the bag are in white, while the rest of it is woven. The colors make it nearly universal and you can pair it with any other color in your wardrobe. The best part is that the bottom of the bag is woven too, so you can unhesitatingly put it down, and the white lining on the inside. The color is added at exactly those places where your whites have a good chance to stay whites. Along with ample space within, it makes for a quintessential work bag. It is priced at INR 6,895.

Hidesign Work Bag Woven Marty 01
Mumbai heat can elicit such expressions.

The other bag I tried is the Gina 01 whose handles are part leather (in white) and part metal. The body is in aubergine snakeskin and it costs INR 6,995. A good work bag otherwise but the main drawback is that the base is all white. It will hardly take anytime to turn a murky brown. The stripes on the front flap and gold hardware lend it a distinct character. The metal links on the handles mean they hang down flat when you let go of them and stay thankfully out of place when you need to rummage within. The rolled handles on the other hand keep sticking out and come in the way of your search operations. Also, the Gina is endowed with marginally more storage than the Marty.

Hidesign Work Bag Aubergine Gina 01

Hidesign Work Bag Aubergine  Gina 01

Hidesign Work Bag Aubergine Gina 01

Hidesign Work Bags
The base of the bags
Hidesign Work Bags
The interiors

Hope you like the bags and the looks that go with them!

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