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Top Picks from the Phive Rivers Collection at Jabong

Phive Rivers Naomi Cubes

The recently launched Phive Rivers collection at Jabong offers quite a variety in terms of styles and textures. You’d find a bag to suit every occasion. These are natural leather accessories which explains their steep prices. ‘Untouched by Machine, Crafted by Men’ goes their tagline. The brand is based out of Italy. Apparently, each bag passes through the hands of ...

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Convertibles by Lavie

Lavie Convertibles

It’s a busy life with twins. But sometimes the boys are sweet enough to allow me a quick trip of the mall. Hence, at Shopper’s Stop yesterday I chanced upon the convertible backpack, Gazania, that is part of their Autumn/Winter ’14 collection. The SA informed me that this bag is available in 3 colors – Beige, Blue and Orange. Images ...

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A Guide to Buying Luxury Handbags

Luxury Bags

Luxury transcends brands, price and monograms. It is much more than that – it is a unique experience, of owning something that’s exotic and exclusive. It can provide a high when you know you possess one of the most sought-after leather in the world. Of course, the definition of luxury would wary across population, but for the purpose of this ...

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Discover: Rossoyuki


Whoever said reading opens up new avenues and discoveries hitherto unknown, thoroughly knew the value of this activity. Reading has always been a hobby, but between a 4-year old toddler, a full time job and balancing a million other chores, it’s a luxury if I find enough space in time to squeeze in an article or two to read. During ...

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The Hidesign Icon Collection

Hidesign Icon Collection

First up, hello and thanks for bearing with me through my conspicuous absence. It was for an event of great personal importance – my husband and I have been blessed with twin baby boys! 🙂 It was a period of complete rest and hence had to keep away from the blog. Lots of exciting happenings in the bag-o-sphere nevertheless! Hidesign ...

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The Leather Boutique AW ’14 Launch

The Leather Boutique

Autumn is upon in a few days. The just concluded Lakme Fashion Week Festive Winter ’14 was one reminder of the impending change in season, while the press release from TLB about their AW’14 launch sitting pretty in my inbox was another. I was as excited going through it as a little girl is at the sight of a Barbie ...

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The Da Milano Monsoon Collection

Da Milano Green Shopper Bag

With the monsoon in full swing, we have bag-makers launching their monsoon collections as well. And when it’s Da Milano, our expectations soar. This collection has a splash of colors fit to drive away any gloom and brighten any outfit. My personal preference is the full color bag rather than the color blocking one. Check out the press release below. ...

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Rustic Town at

Rustic Town

These newly launched bags at have been tempting me since day one. The real, rugged, worn-out-look leather has an unmatched vintage appeal. I so want to touch and feel the product and give an honest feedback on the texture. For now, their strong point is their duffles and messengers. I am, in fact, planning to get one for myself; ...

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Are Unbranded Bags a Waste of Money?

Branded Bags

A dear friend of mine had this question. It’s pertinent and one that can be extended beyond handbags – to clothes, makeup, jewellery etc. But for this post, we will limit the discussion to bags. When I was younger, I would spend all my pocket money on unbranded bags, from the local shops in Koti, Hyderabad. Hence, I have a ...

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Design Elements of My Dream Bag

Featured Image

I was sifting through my posts so far and discovered quite startlingly that I missed to post about my dream bag, though I remember mentioning it on FB. Hence, without any further delay I had to do a post on this topic. Everytime I am out shopping for a bag, there are a few very basic elements that I look ...

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Handpainted Bags Series 3 – Anuschka

Anuschka Featured Image

Today I’ve set out to write for an Indian brand that’s making quite a mark all over the world, in 25 countries, to be precise! Also, it does not seem possible that words can capture the beauty of their products and art. Their bags are breathtaking, captivatingly beautiful. They are Anuschka. The essential quality of their bags is aptly summarized ...

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Handpainted Bags Series 2 – Zubiya


There’s a lot of hidden talent out there. Exploring, discovering and then showcasing on BagsLounge is so much a matter of pride for me. I stumbled upon Zubiya perchance and their customized goods with handpainting instantly cast a spell on me. Zubiya is a young brand, being formally launched in January 2013. It’s not just bags, they paint on shoes, ...

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Handpainted Bags Series 1 – Vakaro

Vakaro Bags

Handiwork on bags is a wonderful way to lend a personalized touch. It could range from embroidery and embellishments to handpainting. Even International brands such as Hermes and Burberry have embraced the concept. I’ve recently come across some awesome handpainted bags and the budding brands behind them. This series is to introduce each one of them to you readers. To ...

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New Bag Launches

Yelloe White Bag

The last couple of weeks went by in a flash. Before we could even acknowledge that it was starting, it had already ended, leaving my husband and self physically and mentally exhausted. But being in the city of dreams – Mumbai – am not really complaining! Just can’t wait to explore its endless bylanes and shopping malls to discover its ...

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Da Milano Spring Summer ’14 Collection

Da Milano Spring-Summer Collection'2014

Feels so good to be back! I was literally feeling suffocated being away from the blog. This nagging feeling that somehow my days are passing by incomplete. And it’s not as if I have been blogging for ages – only 10 months now. Yet, connecting with millions of you out there through our common passion of bags is exhilarating! So ...

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