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15 Handbags In Pantone’s Colors For 2016 To Sport Right Now!

For the first time in its long color history, the international color institute Pantone announced two colors for the year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. These are warm pastel shades of pink and blue that were chosen to symbolize compassion and peace, which the present day world has a serious lack of. In my opinion, these are very versatile ...

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Sugarush Review: Bags In The Yummiest of Colors!

My bags and I are inseparable twins. For me no dressing is complete without a handbag because it adds  glamour to my appearance. My every bag is a signature piece and statement of my style. I have bags for every occasion. I have a medium sized diary shaped blue colored lamb skin clutch of Hidesign which I use mostly for the local market shopping. For ...

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The Unbelievable Sankranti Sale On Bags You Ought Not To Miss

Sankranti Handbag Sale!

Around a week after we winded up our Christmas/New Year vacations and cribbed about returning to work, we have the year’s first festivity around the corner! That’s one of the many positives about our culturally rich country – there are numerous celebrations distributed throughout the calendar. And with such cheer all around, can sales be far behind?! Hardly. There are ...

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7 Mirror Work Bags To Instantly Add Glam To Your Outfits

Mirror Work Bags

Certain charms of childhood never wane with time and carry well into adulthood. When I learnt mirror-work in SUPW classes (Socially Useful Productive Work) in school, I was keenly fascinated by how light played around those reflective disks and created enigmatic visuals. And soon I was marveling at their effect on bags, especially when combined with embroidery in colorful thread. In ...

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Nina Lekhi’s Rusted Revolution: Vintage Like Never Before!

Baggit Rusted Revolution

There are no two ways about bags designed by someone who revolutionized fashionable bags in a market seriously devoid of any. They have got to be stunning and they sure are. But our talented lady, Nina Lekhi, achieves this not by lavish embellishments or rich fabric, instead she brings in vintage elements. Picture this – rusted metal, material that looks ...

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Why Your Wardrobe Cannot Do Without A Chumbak Update!

The last I knew about Chumbak was that they were popular for fun fridge magnets. Somehow, within the blink of an eye, they have diversified into every category one could think of for the free-spirited woman and the modern home. Stationery – check. Jewelry – check. Tech accessories – check. Apparel – check. Furniture, lighting, home decor, bags – oh ...

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Reap Benefits Of The Hidesign Membership Program

Hidesign Loyalty Cards

Membership programs are one of the ways by which brands reward loyal customers and Hidesign for one, has no dearth of loyalty. Launched in 2012, it is a smart way to save money even while you shop for bags in the finest handcrafted leather. Some of the benefits also help you to safeguard your investment as leather needs regular tending ...

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40 designer handbags from Myntra “End-of-Reason-Sale” to splurge on!

  You don’t need a reason to shop at the Myntra End-of-Reason-Sale – as if we ladies ever needed one! We’ve browsed through their bags on offer and there are cool steals hidden there on branded bags such as by Steve Madden, holii, Mango etc. Understandably, they’re selling out fast. So team BagsLounge brings you a curated selection of the ...

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2015 Roundup: Bestselling Bags At Our Favorite Brands

Bestselling Bags of 2015

It’s curtains down on one more eventful year. As we steadily roll into a new chapter, it is customary to reflect upon the best and worst times of the time gone by. We will limit our focus to the former and see what bags India was bowled over by at some of our favorite bag brands. The Leather Boutique Soft ...

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7 Glitzy Party Bags From Amazon Under INR 2,000

7 Amazon Party Bags

It’s that time of the year again – the air is fertile with the holiday season and festive fervour. And also the time when we are bombarded with sales left, right and center. I do not know about you, but I just get lost wading through the countless items on offer and in the end, thoroughly confused, I put off ...

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5 New Launches At Hidesign That Have The Fashion World Buzzing

Hidesign makes the nation’s most coveted leather bags. When we think of leather, this is the brand that invariably comes to mind. Yeah – so we all know that too well by now. With over 37 years of experience in leather it was a natural progression for Hidesign to diversify into other lifestyle products, much to the delight of us ...

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Guide To Colorblocking Your Bags The Holii Way!

Holii Jazz 01 Look

The best thing about Holii is the way they reinvent their bags in new shapes and add new elements, all the while conforming to their ethnic roots. So there is never a moment when you feel ‘oh this is just a spin off of that old style’. The individual elements are quite contemporary while the overall look is traditional which ...

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Go Rough And Tough With Baggit’s Rock Chic Collection

Baggit Rock Chic Collection

After some promising bags in Fall Winter ’15, Baggit is out with their Rock Chic capsule collection comprising of three bag styles and a total of five bags. In line with its name, the bags are meant to add a tough edge to your overall look. This is achieved through addition of metallic tones and studs. While I like the ...

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Christie’s Auctions Margaret Thatcher’s Iconic Bags

World renowned auction house Christie’s has put up Margaret Thatcher’s belongings including her iconic bags for auction, two years after her demise. The iron lady’s bags hold a place of prominence in the history of fashion as they were an integral part of the ‘power dressing’ concept she popularized during her time. In addition, her handbag carried prominent official documents ...

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The Fantastic, Fashionable Bags Of Store Eva

Store Eva Bags

In these past few days, I have had the good fortune to know Store Eva bags from close quarters. Thence stems my new-found appreciation for the skilled make, finish and durability. These bags are all under INR 2,500, starting as low as INR 500, and a great addition to your wardrobe, considering the plethora of designs and shapes they come ...

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