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Review: Casual Bags From AllMine

AllMine Casual Bags

August has been dismal is terms of the number of posts going up on the blog, thanks to ill health brought on by seasonal changes. However, the silver lining has been that I’ve taken loads of rest and spent more time with my boys than is usually possible. So here I am, energized, raring to go and with this review ...

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The Ultimate A To Z List of Bag Brands in India


The Internet has been abuzz about the Google Alphabet these past few days. The unconventional company continues to innovate and comes up with ideas that help it maintain its undisputed dominance in the marketplace. They even registered the interesting domain name – That piqued my interest and since I have this habit of linking everything and anything I read to ...

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Trend Report: Suitcase Bags Claim Their Spot Under The Limelight

Box Bags, Desi Drama Queen, Spades. Piccadilly, ANQI, Gayatri Chopra Bags

Each fashion season comes with its own set of ‘It’ bags. While some of them are instantly catapulted to cult status, a few others take their time to get there, slowly but certainly. Similar is the tale of the box bag or the briefcase bag or the suitcase bag that is not a stranger to the runway but has emerged ...

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Festive Collections: Pure Ghee Designs Kama Collection Is A Visual Treat!

Pure Ghee Designs Kama Collection

There is a popular message in Whatsapp these days about the number of celebratory days in August – Rakshabandhan, Krishnashtami, Independence Day, Friendship Day etc. Yes, we have stepped into August that marks the beginning of the Great Indian Festive Season. In tandem, festive launches have started to trickle in. So let’s discover the very first one by Pure Ghee ...

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The Leather Laundry: Professional Leather Care In Association with The Leather Boutique

The Leather Laundry, The Leather Boutique, leather care

Leather isn’t exactly a cheap commodity. It is often considered an investment even. It is one thing to purchase that dream leather bag but it is the care that can make your bag truly ageless. We’ve all read those dos and don’ts of proper hide care and also those DIYs to fix minor mishaps. But let’s face it, we are ...

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7 More Made-In-India Genuine Leather Bag Makers

Indian Leather Bag Makers

Lists are quite in the trend these days. But that’s not the reason for this list. I love coming up with list posts especially on bags because there is endless information on them and unless curated, the real gems could remain in oblivion. I have discovered more such indigenous brands with brilliant minds behind them, brimming with innovation and bringing ...

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Super Chic Rocking Handbags By Rocky S For Shoppers Stop

RS by Rocky Star

Bring it on – we are just plain thrilled at the launch of any new line of bags! We are so hungry for quality bags that also strike the right notes with fashion, we will happily lap it all up! RS by Rocky Star, being a line by the renowned fashion designer Rocky S, sends our expectations soaring and is ...

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Classy Formal Wear Inspiration From Holii Bags

Holii Laptop Bag

Working remotely has its own set of pros and cons, like with anything else in this world. Not being able to dress up prim and proper everyday is one of the greatest cons there ever could be! Thanks to my little twins, I have been confined to my home for sometime now. But this blog gives me all the opportunity ...

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These Bags Featuring In Bollywood Movies Are Stars In Their Own Right

Hermes Kelly Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Many of you liked the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge bag from Styletag that I had put up on the BagsLounge Facebook timeline the other day. That egged me to take a step further and hunt down some fashionable bags that are celebrities in their own right, from popular brands . Perhaps nothing influences us Indians more than mainstream cinema. The ...

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5 No-Cruelty And Eco-Friendly Bag Brands For Guilt-Free Shopping

AllMine Bags

Did you know that the Indian Cricket Team’s kit during this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup was made entirely of recycled polyester? The writing on the wall is unmistakably clear: either we respect the earth’s resources and handover a rich planet teeming with clean resources to our progeny or we perish along with it. There is more awareness today than ...

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Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day Bags

It’s ok – don’t rack your brains. Father’s Day, as celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is indeed behind us. But we all agree that Dads, the adorable super heroes that they are, need to be celebrated everyday of the year, don’t we? So there we are! And the reason this post is up specifically on this day, 1st ...

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5 New Bags From Elespry That Are Delightfully Minimal Yet Functional


Elespry was a recent discovery for us and we saw that they were a perfect answer to all our work bag needs. The chic leather bags had profoundly impressed us. As if challenging themselves to better their designs and thus cater to more diverse needs, they are out with new launches that help the brand surpass the challenge, and how! ...

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4 Monsoon Handbags To Flaunt This Season

2AM Store Monsoon Bag

The changing seasons imply certain mandatory changes in the way we dress. And just as the scorching heat gives way to pleasant showers, the updated wardrobe gives a much needed break to try something fun and flirtatious. Gone are the days when we used to seal ourselves from head to toe in colorless, lifeless raincoats to stay dry. Fashion these ...

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Review: Pure Ghee Designs Sling Bag

Pure Ghee Designs Nomad Sling Bag

Shopping has its benefits – we girls know that all too well. But just to help you reinstate your love for the act (and also to help hassled men see the merits of our shopping sprees), please allow me to enlist. 1. It can turn a boring day around to something that’s totally fun-filled. It’s not just about buying something; it’s the ...

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Discover: Elespry’s Range of Designer Handbags

Elespry Bags

To say that I was super charged on seeing Elespry bags is putting it way too mildy. I was that excited because these bags have all the makings of cult favorites. They are a perfect culmination of minimalism, style, sophistication, practicality and, very importantly, affordability and you’ll shortly see why. Launched as recently as January 2015, the young brand has ...

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