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These Bags Featuring In Bollywood Movies Are Stars In Their Own Right

Hermes Kelly Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Many of you liked the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge bag from Styletag that I had put up on the BagsLounge Facebook timeline the other day. That egged me to take a step further and hunt down some fashionable bags that are celebrities in their own right, from popular brands . Perhaps nothing influences us Indians more than mainstream cinema. The ...

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5 No-Cruelty And Eco-Friendly Bag Brands For Guilt-Free Shopping

AllMine Bags

Did you know that the Indian Cricket Team’s kit during this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup was made entirely of recycled polyester? The writing on the wall is unmistakably clear: either we respect the earth’s resources and handover a rich planet teeming with clean resources to our progeny or we perish along with it. There is more awareness today than ...

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Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day Bags

It’s ok – don’t rack your brains. Father’s Day, as celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is indeed behind us. But we all agree that Dads, the adorable super heroes that they are, need to be celebrated everyday of the year, don’t we? So there we are! And the reason this post is up specifically on this day, 1st ...

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5 New Bags From Elespry That Are Delightfully Minimal Yet Functional


Elespry was a recent discovery for us and we saw that they were a perfect answer to all our work bag needs. The chic leather bags had profoundly impressed us. As if challenging themselves to better their designs and thus cater to more diverse needs, they are out with new launches that help the brand surpass the challenge, and how! ...

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4 Monsoon Handbags To Flaunt This Season

2AM Store Monsoon Bag

The changing seasons imply certain mandatory changes in the way we dress. And just as the scorching heat gives way to pleasant showers, the updated wardrobe gives a much needed break to try something fun and flirtatious. Gone are the days when we used to seal ourselves from head to toe in colorless, lifeless raincoats to stay dry. Fashion these ...

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Review: Pure Ghee Designs Sling Bag

Pure Ghee Designs Nomad Sling Bag

Shopping has its benefits – we girls know that all too well. But just to help you reinstate your love for the act (and also to help hassled men see the merits of our shopping sprees), please allow me to enlist. 1. It can turn a boring day around to something that’s totally fun-filled. It’s not just about buying something; it’s the ...

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Discover: Elespry’s Range of Designer Handbags

Elespry Bags

To say that I was super charged on seeing Elespry bags is putting it way too mildy. I was that excited because these bags have all the makings of cult favorites. They are a perfect culmination of minimalism, style, sophistication, practicality and, very importantly, affordability and you’ll shortly see why. Launched as recently as January 2015, the young brand has ...

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18 Best Bags From SS’15 Collections

Best Bags SS'15

All the Spring Summer 2015 collections are out. We’ve been through them in detail, gasped disbelievingly at some of the stellar stuff, saved, perhaps splurged and are now proud owners of some of the most sought after bags. Time now for the top picks from these collections. Sit back and enjoy this curated list exclusively from BagsLounge. Hope you either ...

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Holii’s Tango Collection Offers Bright, Summertime Styles

Holii is adept at showing us how to have a contemporary sense of style while still connected to our roots. The brand has done this time and again and this time is no different. With a common color theme of deep blue, fiery red and muted brown, and gold hardware, the bags drip sheer elegance and exuberance. The Tango collection ...

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Discover: Ank and Their SS’15 Collection

Ank Bags Logo

Talk about the power of encouragement and heart-felt appreciation that can become the wind beneath wings and take you soaring into the land of possibilities. That’s exactly what happened when entrepreneur Ankita Chowdhary did a small project in college and exhibited her accessories at the tender age of 20. The tremendous response and appreciation she got ultimately led to the ...

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Holii Bags: Add Luxurious Doses of Ethnic Chic To Your Outfits

Holii Bags

Some opinions are cemented forever. I’ve held this idea for the longest time that all cameras of the world have a conspiracy against me. Even the most inanimate object would outdo me in being photogenic. With the result that I was always maintaining a safe distance from the lenses. That was before starting this blog. Then came the beauties – ...

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Giveaway with Needle Doodle: Winner Announcement

Needle Doodle

I am thoroughly enjoying hosting giveaways – not just for your enthusiasm but also for the interesting discussions that result thereby. I see a thriving community in those discussions, where members open up with out-of-the-box thinking and bring innovative ideas that spark healthy competition. Especially, in this particular giveaway, where the theme was to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, I thought ...

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Baggit’s Monsoon Collection: High on Function, Glam in Form

Baggit Monsoon Collection

I seem to have lost all sense of time. I’m only faintly aware of Day and Night chasing each other relentlessly; arriving at the current date, month, day and season is an exercise in concentration. So when I saw the press release of Baggit’s Monsoon Collection, I went, ‘Monsoon Collection? Already?’ A quick reality check confirmed that it was not ...

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TLB’s SS15 Collection Has a Good Mix of Bags

The Leather Boutique Signs of Nature

Browsing my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, I first came across glimpses of The Leather Boutique’s Sighs of Nature bags. The teasers hinted at a travel theme but as more bags were unveiled, it was clear that the collection is a fine balance between work and fun. As Zeshan Rahman, founder of TLB, tells me, ‘Sighs of Nature’ is ...

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Giveaway: Colorful Fabric Shoulder Bag by Needle Doodle

Needle Doodle

Normally, I would have liked to be on the receiving end of such lovely bags that have their own unique place in the world of handbags. But I never knew hosting giveaways would be this much fun! The excitement of all you readers and your enthusiasm is just so infectious and motivating! So this time we have a shoulder bag ...

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