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7 Irksome Handbag Pet Peeves And How To Avoid Them

I can’t recount the number of times I have aborted purchasing a bag after taking an instant liking to it. And then there are also those times when I have rued the decision long after the purchase was done. This happens due to one (or many) of the several pet ...

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For The Love of Stripes!

Striped Handbags

Stripes are a classic design pattern and one of the easiest ways to add some zing to your everyday accessory – the handbag. In fact, it is less tricky there than when you try it on your apparel. Stripes were a recurrent theme on the red carpet for several award ...

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Design Elements of My Dream Bag

Featured Image

I was sifting through my posts so far and discovered quite startlingly that I missed to post about my dream bag, though I remember mentioning it on FB. Hence, without any further delay I had to do a post on this topic. Everytime I am out shopping for a bag, ...

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Bags And Your Health

Bags and Health

I can read that quizzical look as you try to understand the correlation between bags and health. But let me assure you there are important ramifications which I will address here. The first of the concerns is the ergonomics. We take our bags for granted and don’t think much before ...

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Luxury Handbag Market in the World and India

I came across an interesting survey published in the Luxury Society about the quantum of luxury handbag searches per country or the affinity index. Turns out, that UK tops this list, followed by the US. The numbers indicate the searches for luxury handbags per 1000 Internet users. As can be ...

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