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Website Review: TheBagTalk


Fashion consciousness and e-commerce have witnessed explosive growth these last few years, thanks mostly to similar growth of social media. The shopaholic that I am, I used to be hooked on to these online portals for a good chunk of my non-working hours. Apparel and electronics would be the dominant themes; I would often find myself searching high and low ...

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Here’s Why A Timeless Kompanero Bag Is A Must-Have Accessory

The very sight of a Kompanero bag inspires confidence of a high quality leather product. If you’ve ever glanced at their store and products, you’d readily agree to that. The weathered look, that also lends a vintage appeal, hardly deters the inherent exquisiteness from shining through. Individually handcrafted and distressed, these are not the regular run-of-the-mill bags, but uniquely distinct ...

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Holii’s SS16 Line-Up Is A Cerulean Bonanza

Holii Veena Collection

Indigo is the flavor of the season. Serenity is Pantone’s color of the year for 2016. Somehow the whole Blue family is the favorite color palette right now. Holii, too, is bang on target with its collection of bags in soothing hues of cobalt blue and parakeet. They suit the bright, cheery summer mood to the T! I also notice ...

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Discover: The Beauty Of Minimalism Through Raff’s Leather Bags

Raff Luxury Leather Bags

Discerning eyes can spot hitherto unexplored pockets of the market and fill them with unique offerings, honed to perfection with their exquisite craftsmanship. This was my thought when I came across Raff, that’s got to be the youngest brand featured on BagsLounge so far. Looking at their product portfolio it’s difficult to imagine that they are just 4 months old! ...

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Tête-à-tête With Holii’s Supremely Talented New Designer – Sonal Nagotanekar

Sonal Nagotanekar Holii

There is no better way to herald the International Women’s Day than to get candid with the super talented lady who is about to lend her Midas touch to one of the country’s most sought after handbags! Honestly, is there now?! So meet and greet Holii’s new product designer – Sonal Nagotanekar! Needless to say, I was thrilled to bits ...

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Reap Benefits Of The Hidesign Membership Program

Hidesign Loyalty Cards

Membership programs are one of the ways by which brands reward loyal customers and Hidesign for one, has no dearth of loyalty. Launched in 2012, it is a smart way to save money even while you shop for bags in the finest handcrafted leather. Some of the benefits also help you to safeguard your investment as leather needs regular tending ...

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2015 Roundup: Bestselling Bags At Our Favorite Brands

Bestselling Bags of 2015

It’s curtains down on one more eventful year. As we steadily roll into a new chapter, it is customary to reflect upon the best and worst times of the time gone by. We will limit our focus to the former and see what bags India was bowled over by at some of our favorite bag brands. The Leather Boutique Soft ...

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5 New Launches At Hidesign That Have The Fashion World Buzzing

Hidesign makes the nation’s most coveted leather bags. When we think of leather, this is the brand that invariably comes to mind. Yeah – so we all know that too well by now. With over 37 years of experience in leather it was a natural progression for Hidesign to diversify into other lifestyle products, much to the delight of us ...

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Guide To Colorblocking Your Bags The Holii Way!

Holii Jazz 01 Look

The best thing about Holii is the way they reinvent their bags in new shapes and add new elements, all the while conforming to their ethnic roots. So there is never a moment when you feel ‘oh this is just a spin off of that old style’. The individual elements are quite contemporary while the overall look is traditional which ...

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Christie’s Auctions Margaret Thatcher’s Iconic Bags

World renowned auction house Christie’s has put up Margaret Thatcher’s belongings including her iconic bags for auction, two years after her demise. The iron lady’s bags hold a place of prominence in the history of fashion as they were an integral part of the ‘power dressing’ concept she popularized during her time. In addition, her handbag carried prominent official documents ...

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These Are Your Destinations To Find The Perfect Men’s Bags!

Men's Bags

With all the awareness around, men are not the ones to fall behind in the game of fashion. There is an increase in the clan of the male fashion blogger. The rapidly burgeoning e-commerce space is further fueling their interest in fashion and staying well-groomed, as men are naturally averse to going around in shopping malls not to mention the ...

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The Leather Laundry: Professional Leather Care In Association with The Leather Boutique

The Leather Laundry, The Leather Boutique, leather care

Leather isn’t exactly a cheap commodity. It is often considered an investment even. It is one thing to purchase that dream leather bag but it is the care that can make your bag truly ageless. We’ve all read those dos and don’ts of proper hide care and also those DIYs to fix minor mishaps. But let’s face it, we are ...

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7 More Made-In-India Genuine Leather Bag Makers

Indian Leather Bag Makers

Lists are quite in the trend these days. But that’s not the reason for this list. I love coming up with list posts especially on bags because there is endless information on them and unless curated, the real gems could remain in oblivion. I have discovered more such indigenous brands with brilliant minds behind them, brimming with innovation and bringing ...

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Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day Bags

It’s ok – don’t rack your brains. Father’s Day, as celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is indeed behind us. But we all agree that Dads, the adorable super heroes that they are, need to be celebrated everyday of the year, don’t we? So there we are! And the reason this post is up specifically on this day, 1st ...

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10 Tips To Care For Your Leather Bags

Leather Bag Care

You spend a lot of time in selecting good leather bags for yourself but when it comes to taking care of them, how much time do you devote? Maintaining your leather bags is vital if you want to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Here are ten tips for keeping them looking new for a good time to ...

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10 Vendors Who Could Make Your Dream Bag


We live in exciting times. Brands are so much closer to us; we can send our message to them in an instant via social media. And the competition is such that the voice of the customer cannot be ignored. There is much focus on making the buyer feel special and pitching tailored, customized products to them. Our requirements and preferences ...

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Discover: Leather & Bespoke Bags by Baroque

Baroque Featured Image

My first brush with ‘Baroque’ was while reading a fashion magazine. The term elicits visions of grandeur, rich textures, fabrics and motifs. It is an art that dates back to the 16th century. Hence, I was intensely keen to dig deeper. The young leather brand is a little over three years. The effervescent pair that conceptualized Baroque is Deviana Gupta ...

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7 Made-in-India Genuine Leather Bag Makers

Leather Bag Makers

UPDATED: In addition to the 7 Made-in-India Genuine Leather Bag Makers updated below, do visit the A-to-Z of Bags brands from India. I am sure you would love it! The Ultimate A To Z List of Bag Brands in India As a little girl, the first luxury brand I knew was Hidesign. Handbags were all I could focus on back ...

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5 Colorful Brights from Hidesign

Hidesign Colorful Leather Bags

Gone are the days when leather was mostly associated with formal wear. Colors such as black, brown and tan contributed in part to this notion. But these days we have this luxurious material in any imaginable color. When I stepped into a Hidesign store this weekend, there were bright pinks, reds, yellows, greens and blues peeking from their shelves. Not ...

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Handpainted Bags Series 3 – Anuschka

Anuschka Featured Image

Today I’ve set out to write for an Indian brand that’s making quite a mark all over the world, in 25 countries, to be precise! Also, it does not seem possible that words can capture the beauty of their products and art. Their bags are breathtaking, captivatingly beautiful. They are Anuschka. The essential quality of their bags is aptly summarized ...

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