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Put An End To Counterfeiting Woes In High End Handbags With This New App

Entrupy Handbag Authentication

The global fake handbag market is over a billion dollars. It’s of course illegal and authenticators pour in several hours of study to understand the intricate identifiers as well as to keep abreast of these changing details. The menace of counterfeit bags is especially relevant to buyers of pre-loved goods. Even after shelling out hundreds or thousands of bucks, post ...

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Hot Colors of Spring/Summer ‘14

Prada Twin Bag

It is absolutely fine if you do not let trends dictate your choices when you shop (I’m usually that sort) but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of them anyway. We saw the runway shows, the complete SS ’14 collections, Resort and Haute Couture editions. There have been some recurring color themes across formats. Read on to discover… Soft, delicate ...

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Prada’s Grommet Embellished Bags

Prada Denim Flap Bag

Casual surfing through the Prada website brought me face-to-face with these lovely grommet embellished bags and clutches. They had to be featured here and shared with all of you! Some are all-calf-leather while others are in a striking combination of denim and leather. The blue and brown shades go really well together and present a polished yet laid-back look. I’d ...

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Know Your Brand – Prada

Prada Logo

Establishing a world renowned fashion house is one thing and sustaining it as such is quite another. Prada is a befitting example. Though founded by Mario Prada in 1913, the brand has witnessed unprecedented glory under the creative leadership of his granddaughter Miuccia Prada. Read on for interesting tidbits from its 100 year history… • In 1919, merely 6 years ...

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In Trend: Plaid

Chanel Tartan Flap Bag

Plaid or Tartan or checks can never really go out of fashion. They keep re-appearing in one way or the other. On garments it looks really elegant, and on bags as we will see, looks simply classic. The pattern mixed with various colors gives rise to an unlimited number of vibrant combinations. To demystify the term, plaid is the pattern ...

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In Trend: Floral Print Handbags

Plenty of floral prints are seen on handbags these days. Flowers are usually a harbinger of summer but certain brands are not shying away from experimenting and bringing out this pattern even in their Fall/Winter collection. There are various types of florals print on bags. A glimpse of this trend follows: First off was Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Ikat Floral ...

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Glimpses: Prada Fall Winter Collection 2013

Prada started a campaign to showcase its Fall/Winter 2013 collection for women. While the ad by itself is superbly conceived, I turned my focus on the bags the models seemed to romance. I loved these bowler bags, especially the chequered one, that has both a pop of color as well as one that’s toned down – making it an ideal ...

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