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Dazzle This Festive Season With Party Bags From Our Favorite Designers!

Party Bags, Clutch Bag

The most exciting time of the year is upon us already and the festive fervor is conspicuous everywhere around – in the heavy discounts that online and offline stores are showering upon us, the new collections designers are hurrying up to launch to be in time for the festivities, the bonuses and the frenzied shopping! I am ready too with ...

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Monthly Roundup: The Hottest Bags of August ’17

Top August Handbags

There are scores of drool-worthy bags I come across each day during my exploration of social media. And I would be doing great disservice to my readers and myself if I don’t carry them here onto the pages of BagsLounge. Which is why the effort henceforth shall be to make this a recurring feature on BagsLounge. For the debut edition, ...

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Here’s Why Pure Ghee Designs Alingan Potli Is A Star!

Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

The Pure Ghee Designs Kama collection was a stunner from the word go. The rich brocades and those silk handmade flowers were nothing like we had seen in a long, long time. But among them were the Alingan potlis, with their unique shape and design. In addition to the shape that was endearing in itself, I especially liked the mini ...

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Review: Pure Ghee Designs Sling Bag

Pure Ghee Designs Nomad Sling Bag

Shopping has its benefits – we girls know that all too well. But just to help you reinstate your love for the act (and also to help hassled men see the merits of our shopping sprees), please allow me to enlist. 1. It can turn a boring day around to something that’s totally fun-filled. It’s not just about buying something; it’s the ...

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Pure Ghee Designs Launches Spring Summer ’15 Collection

Pure Ghee Designs

Make no mistake – you are still at BagsLounge, we are not diversifying into culinary reviews and we are very much talking about bags still. Aditi Prakash’s Pure Ghee Designs is thus named to evoke a sense of purity and extravagance like only shudh desi ghee (clarified butter in Hindi) can. How you ask? Read on… They describe their bags ...

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