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LookBook: Perfect Summer Bags By StoreEva

Store Eva Lookbook

I excitedly unpacked the bags when StoreEva sent them over! That they were trendy, I had figured out when I initially discovered them, but this time, I was instantly spellbound by their superior quality and finish. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But these StoreEva bags must be experienced first hand. I chose four bags for the ...

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Review: Lavie Seattle Med U Satchel

Lavie Seattle Med U Satchel

These days I scour the handbags section in any mall or shop I enter. Some store assistants look at me quizzically as they try to make sense of the detailed study I carry out! The markets are inundated with handbags and picking out hidden gems from them does demand time and energy. The resultant finds make the whole exercise worth ...

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Harrods – Handbag Narratives

It’s interesting to see innovation and creative concepts unfold when luxury brands gear up to commemorate important milestones in their growth story. Like Louis Vuitton came up with the limited edition LV San Francisco Neverfull Tote Bag to celebrate the 30th anniversary of LV Cup serving as the qualifier for the American Cup. For Harrods, the grand occasion of expanding ...

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