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These Eco-Friendly Bags By Curry Tree Are Also What Every Fashionista Should Look Forward To

Curry Tree Design

It’s our earnest endeavor to bring to you fascinating stories of handbag brands from far and near. And when it’s a brand taking inspiration from India’s rich traditional ethos, making functional bags that appeal as well to the millennials as to the baby boomers, and being environmentally responsible all the same, we know that they have found the perfect balance. ...

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Bubbly Inflatable Bags By Inflat Décor – For The Experimental Fashionista

Inflat Decor

If you are game for the offbeat and want to break the monotony of leather, you will appreciate what we bring to you in this post! Here we come with some really cool chic bags for those who are young at heart – we are talking about these unique colorful inflatable  bags which are manufactured by Toy World Co. Ltd. Many may not have ...

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Nina Lekhi’s Rusted Revolution: Vintage Like Never Before!

Baggit Rusted Revolution

There are no two ways about bags designed by someone who revolutionized fashionable bags in a market seriously devoid of any. They have got to be stunning and they sure are. But our talented lady, Nina Lekhi, achieves this not by lavish embellishments or rich fabric, instead she brings in vintage elements. Picture this – rusted metal, material that looks ...

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5 No-Cruelty And Eco-Friendly Bag Brands For Guilt-Free Shopping

AllMine Bags

Did you know that the Indian Cricket Team’s kit during this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup was made entirely of recycled polyester? The writing on the wall is unmistakably clear: either we respect the earth’s resources and handover a rich planet teeming with clean resources to our progeny or we perish along with it. There is more awareness today than ...

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Spearheading Sustainability – I: Discover ‘Clean Planet’

Clean Planet

It’s heartening to see the quantum of efforts going into initiatives that are environmentally responsible. They need to be lauded and the best way to do so is to spread awareness about their products. BagsLounge takes a step forward in this direction by starting this series that would focus on such groups. For this maiden post, we bring to you ...

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