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The Leather Laundry: Professional Leather Care In Association with The Leather Boutique

Leather isn’t exactly a cheap commodity. It is often considered an investment even. It is one thing to purchase that dream leather bag but it is the care that can make your bag truly ageless. We’ve all read those dos and don’ts of proper hide care and also those DIYs to fix minor mishaps. But let’s face it, we are humans after all and mishaps, minor or major, are plain inevitable. The common man has limited know-how and we can’t fit in any more tasks in the already-full-throttle grind of our lives. Outsourcing leather care seems the ideal option. Brands do offer after-sales service but it is usually limited to their own bags. What about others, or bags bought abroad perhaps, or just wishing for a simple centralized service? Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted professional body nurse all our babies back to the pink of health?

It would! And our prayers have just been answered by this collaboration between The Leather Boutique and Delhi-based The Leather Laundry.

TLB is no stranger to us. We are well aware by now of their experience and expertise in all things leather. Now let me introduce you to the background of this highly qualified brand, The Leather Laundry. The parent company is a veteran in this industry, with over 30 years of experience. They are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of leather products. In their own words:

Our dedicated team of expert technicians aims at using environment friendly practices, equipment and processes to ensure the highest quality cleaning.

The Leather Laundry is only a couple of months old and is the ambitious venture of sisters Neha Sharma and Mallika Sharma. The latter is actually a certified professional leather care technician, receiving training at the world renowned leather care company, LTT (The Leather Care Company), in UK. Honestly, I didn’t even know one can get certified in leather care!

The Leather Laundry Founders

So this is how it works:

The Leather Laundry How it Works

And it’s not just bags they service; it’s also apparel and shoes and even non-leather goods. They go the whole nine years when it comes to care: from cleaning and moisturizing, to coloring and refinishing, even repairing and replacement, they have your every need covered. In short, they are a one stop shop when it comes to hide handling. For those who want to go a step ahead, you can even design your own leather jackets from scratch! In true customer-oriented style, they offer pickup and drop services also.

Now for the cost aspect. Here is what it looks for bags; for apparel and shoes, it is comparable. I think for high-end bags, where we spend upwards of INR 5,000, the prices are justified

The Leather Laundry Price Guide

…and more so for the incredible work they do. Check out these before and after pics:

The Leather Laundry Before-After

Ink marks on leather or even denim marks, are a pet peeve for most of us:

The Leather Laundry Before-After

They cover all major Indian cities. With the weight of TLB behind TLL, we are sure they are set to offer world class leather care in India. I’m geared up to try the service with a couple of my own bags! What about you?! 🙂

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