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15 Handbags In Pantone’s Colors For 2016 To Sport Right Now!

For the first time in its long color history, the international color institute Pantone announced two colors for the year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. These are warm pastel shades of pink and blue that were chosen to symbolize compassion and peace, which the present day world has a serious lack of. In my opinion, these are very versatile shades that could be sported either individually or blended. These are also gender neutral colors; men are more open to experimenting that ever before and would find it easy to embrace the subtle pink that is Rose Quartz. These pretty yet subdued pops of colors would add a breath of fresh appeal to your outfits.

Pantone 2016 Color Of The Year

Wear them alone, with each other, or with a host of other colors that pair well with these twin shades, recommended by Pantone.

We’ve put in the hard work and rounded up the below 15 bags from far and near, so you can pick them up right away without wasting any time in the hunt!  As always, click on the image to be taken to the page of purchase. The price is mentioned under the image.

Rose Quartz:

Lino Perros Rose Quartz

INR 1,747 (After 30% discount)



Kazo Rose Quartz

INR 4,990

Fur Jaden Rose Quartz

INR 3,300

Diana Korr Rose Quartz

INR 1,564 (After 59% discount)

Caprese Rose Quartz

INR 1,050 (After 63% discount)

Viari Rose Quartz

INR 12,750

HighonLeather Rose Quartz

INR 5,623

Elespry Rose Quartz

INR 2,500 (After 50% discount)

Hidesign Rose Quartz

INR 4,236 (After 33% discount)


Genious Serenity

INR 1,127 (After 68% discount)

Phive Rivers Serenity

INR 5,600

Adamis Serenity

INR 14,550

YOLO Serenity

INR 588

Flipkart Serenity

INR 5,745

Da Milano Serenity

INR 7,699 (After 30% discount)

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Mother to three lovely boys and wife of a banking professional, I am extremely passionate about a host of topics, bags being one of them. For the record, the others are - makeup, travel, photography, in no particular order. Here I share my perspective on the Indian as well as the international bag-scene. As a youngster I would spend most of my money on bags and carry one according to my outfit. It is this love that I express through this blog. Needless to say, any suggestions for improvement, even healthy criticisms, are highly encouraged. Hope you enjoy your stay here and find something useful to help you on your next bag purchase!

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  1. Nice collection Vidya. The pastel shades and design look very chic.

    • Hey Somali – How have you been?!
      Ya – you can sport some subtle color in your outfits and still not worry about going over-the-top.

      Need to catch up with a lot of your posts!