Monday , January 22 2018
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Clothes, makeup and bags – form the most important elements of a woman’s ensemble, the exact order of importance varying across personalities. While plenty has been written about the former two, there was a glaring void when it came to bags in the Indian netscape. This website is a culmination of the desire to fill in this void and the passion the author has had for hangbags ever since childhood.

BagsLounge has set out to bring to its readers the latest trends, new launches, favorite brands, events – from the Indian as well as international arena. Essentially, your go-to place for everything bags. If there is any particular topic you’d like to be featured here, do drop us a note at [email protected]


  1. How do I place a order from this site?

  2. Hi Mukta – Thank you for your interest. We will soon be adding a feature to buy bags from here handpicked by us. Do watch out for the same!

    Vidya Gupta.

  3. Hi,

    I recently came across a site called I liked some bags there and wanted to order. But since these are expensive and i have never heard if this site i was worried about getting a fake or some other problems with delivery and payment. also i cannot find any reviews of the site online. Can you tell me anything about this site. have you heard of it or tried buying something from here? is it genuine?


    • Hi Smita – I just ordered a sling bag from The site is genuine, they have been sending me updates about each step of my order. The only downside is that they have very limited collections in each category.

      Hope this helps – do let me know if you need further assistance.

      Vidya Gupta.

  4. Yes they do have very limited collections. Could be coz they are new. Thanks for the reply. They do have the bag i wanted and i’ll be ordering the same:)


  5. You have taken an innovative topic to blog about. I am sure we all will learn and know new things from your space.

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