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Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

Here’s Why Pure Ghee Designs Alingan Potli Is A Star!

The Pure Ghee Designs Kama collection was a stunner from the word go. The rich brocades and those silk handmade flowers were nothing like we had seen in a long, long time. But among them were the Alingan potlis, with their unique shape and design. In addition to the shape that was endearing in itself, I especially liked the mini pleats throughout the circumference. When I received the pink potli, I was itching to do a look but all the hassle of a saree made me keep putting it off. But when a dear friend and BagsLounge reader wanted a better view of the potli, I decided to do it finally. I knew that paired with a traditional silk saree, it would be a match made in heaven. And I had a saree in an exact shade of pink. Go ahead and see the charm of the bag for yourself!

Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

Don’t let the size of the bag deceive you – though small, it can easily carry all your essentials, including your phone, a wallet, keys and some makeup. That it is unstructured actually helps it to adjust to the contents within. There is no zip or button whatsoever at the opening, yet the way you overlap the loops while carrying it ensures that there is no scope for any of the contents to slip out.

Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

It does take time and effort to put up a traditional look especially with a saree, but I enjoyed the entire episode and loved draping the nine yards after a long time. But for my blog, I’d hardly get a chance to don such looks. And bags such as the Pure Ghee Designs Alingan potli only make the whole effort worthwhile!

Pure Ghee Designs Festive Clutch Look

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