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Sling Bag TheBagTalk
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This Classic AHR Sling Bag from TheBagTalk is Classy & Chic

Recently, I laid my hands on this beige beauty from the Anita Hassanandani Reddy (AHR) signature collection at TheBagTalk. I’m usually a camera shy person but with such good bags by my side, I’m emboldened to face the lens! 🙂 What follows is a detailed review of this bag…read on!

This Cantik sling bag is beige with gold-toned chain hardware and is the minimalist fashionista’s delight. Yet, there is something about the beige and gold combination that makes it elegant and fashionable at the same time. It is also the reason it makes for a good choice for everyday carry as well as casual outings or brunch get-togethers. The metal chain has a soft PU strip at the top for ease of carrying on the shoulder. The PU material on the outside is soft to touch but not bendable as the bag is structured. It has just the AHR logo on the front flap with a magnetic button closure. The inside is one big compartment with a small open pouch at the back. I would have liked a small zipped pocket at the back on the outside but it can be ignored because of the ease of opening and shutting the front flap – enabled by the efficient magnetic closure and the structured shape. The saddle bag silhouette is what makes the bag especially endearing. It has the right amount of space to house all everyday essentials without cluttering. The inner lining is completely black, keeping any staining worries at bay. The most enticing part – it is super affordable at only INR 999 currently!

Well – here are a few pictures of me carrying this bag to give you a perspective of its size and looks.

Sling Bag TheBagTalk


Sling Bag TheBagTalk

Sling Bag TheBagTalk

Sling Bag TheBagTalk

Sling Bag TheBagTalk

Special thanks to TheBagTalk for sending across this bag! The Cantik is also available in black. You can buy it here.

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  1. I’m not usually that into bags but the way you describe this one and the shots make me want to revisit my own bag collection (which is in need of updating!)

  2. Beautiful post. Love the pics and the way you have explained it. Where can I buy it from?

    • Hey dear – glad that you like it! You can buy it from The link to the bag is given at the end of the post.

  3. I showed this to my wife. She loved the whole ensemble and especially the bag! I’m sure she will be looking for it now!

    • Haha – thanks Sreekar – it’s from The link to this bag is given at the end of the post! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. Ohh what a cute bag and I love the color that goes well with almost everything! However, ever since I got my daughter I am now more a backpack person. Boring but very practical.

  5. what a classic timeless piece! It looks truly wellmade too! I totally get what youy are saying, a good bag can give you so much confidence to face the world ( and the ocassinal camera lol )

  6. I sell bags, and even though I don’t wear that much, i love them! The featured one in this post is cute imo. You are beautiful too!

  7. I like the colour of the bag and it’s just the right size, too!

  8. I loved your classy slingbag and would love to have it. Will really look on Bagtalk for nice deals. Thanks for sharing!