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Here’s Why A Timeless Kompanero Bag Is A Must-Have Accessory

The very sight of a Kompanero bag inspires confidence of a high quality leather product. If you’ve ever glanced at their store and products, you’d readily agree to that. The weathered look, that also lends a vintage appeal, hardly deters the inherent exquisiteness from shining through. Individually handcrafted and distressed, these are not the regular run-of-the-mill bags, but uniquely distinct from each other.

Its parent company, ASG Leather, was incorporated in 1998 and caters to domestic and overseas demand of high quality leather goods and accessories. It is a Kolkata based company.

These bags score not just in looks; they are soft and supple to the touch. I personally prefer such leather to the one that is rigid. From a practical point of view, the former is easier to operate. Thumbs up for the range of colors the bags come in – maroons, blacks and browns are fine, but there are mustards, teals and greens as well. When it comes to the styles, you’d find the whole bucket list – from wallets to travel bags. These bags cater to both men and women. I also adore the braided detailing that is an integral part of every bag; in order to not make it overpowering, it is only included in some parts of the bag based on the style and design. In a nutshell, these are super rugged, sublime in their beauty and you’d find a match for every occasion. Is there a flip side to all this awesomeness? Yes, the steep price tag but think of it as an investment; superior quality leather is invariably an investment.

Kompanero is contributing a fair deal to the environment as well by employing a new age technique known as piece-dyeing, whereby they dye only the exact leather they need apiece rather than dyeing whole sheets. This helps to avoid wastage of water, leather as well as reduces harmful pollutants. Responsible manufacturing is a screaming need of today’s world and Kompanero does a fabulous job at it. Having elevated itself to global standards and surpassing them, the brand’s products have a strong demand in some of the major international markets. So that’s yet another homegrown Indian brand making a strong impact globally!

Check out the pictures below and you’ll want to dash to their stores next!

KOMPANERO Purple Leather Textured Sling Bag

KOMPANERO Brown Leather Sling Bag

KOMPANERO Red Leather Sling Bag KOMPANERO Tan Brown Leather Sling Bag KOMPANERO Teal Green Interwoven Metallic Studded Leather Sling Bag

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